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WS-I Board Member Quotes

 “Fujitsu is proud to have been a Founding Member of WS-I and to have played an active role in the important work it has done.  WS-I made it clear that software standards alone were not enough, if they failed to interoperate. By providing Profiles of interoperable standards and testing tools to assure their interoperability, WS-I has shown the way for the diverse software standards development organizations.”

Chiseki Sagawa
President, Platform Strategic Planning Unit
Fujitsu Limited

 “IBM is very pleased that WS-I has completed its mission.  As a co-founder of WS-I, IBM has provided both executive and technical leadership during the creation, testing and implementation of eight profiles.  The approval of the final three profiles addresses an important set of requirements of our customers, which is always the goal of IBM. Our customers are the biggest benefactors of this work.  The WS-I profiles have helped to vastly improve interoperability between our WebSphere family products and the other Vendors’ products, making it easier to integrate solutions in a multi-vendor environment. Congratulations to all those who participated in WS-I!  We look forward to future work being done in the new WS-I member section of OASIS as well as having a viable “home” for the existing WS-I Profiles. “

Angel Diaz
Vice President Software Standards
IBM Corporation

“Microsoft is extremely pleased to be part of the completion of the WS-I Basic Profile 1.2, Basic Profile 2.0 and Reliable Secure Profile 1.0.  All of these profiles are supported by the shipping version of .NET Framework 4.0. Through our collective profile development and testing efforts, Microsoft and other WS-I members have delivered a better customer experience based on Web services interoperability. Even though we have accomplished a major undertaking by completing these profiles, standards remain a necessary foundation for ensuring interoperability between different vendor’s platforms and products. As such, Microsoft will continue participating in standards organizations and interoperability testing to deliver greater interoperability for our customers.”

Paul Cotton
Partner Group Manager
Microsoft Corporation

"Oracle has been a WS-I participant and board member since its inception almost nine years ago.  As WS-I vice chair for the last three years, it is satisfying to complete our mission with the approval and delivery of these three profiles to OASIS.  Oracle is particularly pleased with the extent of the interoperability testing that demonstrates the new profiles' viability."

Jeff Mischkinsky
Senior Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Web Services Standards

 “Web services are a key technology for integrating business systems together. Interoperability testing between different vendors is a process that requires engineering discipline and continuous engagement, and SAP is pleased to have been part of the WS-I journey, including serving as WS-I chair. We want to thank the WS-I community for their tireless efforts. With the publication of the final materials for Basic Profile (BP) 1.2 and 2.0 and Reliable Secure Profile (RSP) 1.0 specifications, the work of WS-I has reached a major milestone. We look forward to participating in the ongoing activities in OASIS.”

Michael Bechauf
Vice President, Platform Technology Strategy

"WS-I standard profiles have proven to be crucial in advancing interoperability of Web services and SOA standards.  As a founding member of WS-I and long-standing member of the Board of Directors, Software AG is pleased that the organization's effort is concluding. WS-I profiles significantly mitigate our customer’s interoperability issues. We look forward to our continued involvement in this important interoperability effort as a member of the WS-I Working Group Steering Committee as maintenance transitions to OASIS."

Hans-Christoph Rohland
Senior Vice President-R&D webMethods
Software AG

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