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WS-I Deliverables

WS-I’s deliverables provide resources for Web services developers to create interoperable Web services and verify that their results are compliant with WS-I guidelines. Key WS-I deliverables include Profiles, Sample Applications and Testing Tools.

Profiles provide implementation guidelines for how related Web services specifications should be used together for best interoperability. To date, WS-I has finalized the Basic Profile, Attachments Profile and Simple SOAP Binding Profile. Work on a Basic Security Profile is currently underway.

Sample Applications demonstrate Web services applications that are compliant with WS-I guidelines. These implementations are developed using multiple platforms, languages and programming tools, demonstrating interoperability in action, and providing readily usable resources for the Web services developer. Sample applications serve as working examples for developers looking to follow the WS-I guidelines in their programming environment of choice. To date, WS-I has delivered eleven implementations of the WS-I Sample Application for the Basic Profile.

Testing Tools are used to determine whether the messages exchanged with a Web service conform to WS-I guidelines. These tools monitor the messages and analyze the resulting log to identify any known interoperability issues. These testing capabilities are important for developers to ensure that their implementations comply with the current interoperability guidelines for the use of Web services specifications. Tests are self administered and aimed at uncovering unconventional usage or errors in specification implementations, thus improving interoperability between applications and across platforms. To date, WS-I has developed tests for developers to verify their conformance with the Basic Profile 1.0, and work on the other WS-I profiles is underway.

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